Providing basic layouts with Air quantity calculations per room depending on product requirements, international protocols, cleanliness classifications, pressure zoning and heat load data.
Cleanroom layouts showing return air points, view panels, lights, ceiling, doors, internal finishes, flooring and process equipment in position if required with the help of in house or external or selected vendor’s AutoCAD operator.
Preparation of BOQ and drawings for tendering all HVAC related jobs including partition panels and other accessories like doors, ceilings, lights, controls etc.
Working out specifications for process equipment and a common control/alarm station with your Production, QC and Engineering team.
Preparation of tender documents after approval of above and conducting pre-tender technical meetings with vendors (common meetings) for explaining critical aspects of the manufacturing areas so that all vendors have a level playing field.
Qualifying Vendors who meet CQA and CPP and handing over to Finance/Purchase department for order placement.
Supervision of job execution at site and monitoring progress along with your team.
Assisting your team in Verification, Qualification and Documentation.
Review, Approval and Release of Facility for intended use.